My Studio Tour…

Hello dear creative community. I hope the sun is shining on you today. It is still grey here but thanks to my mom my world is a little brighter. She helped me clean my studio last weekend. It was past the point of no return. I’m sure many of you can relate. I don’t know what it is about me but I can go from 0 to mach 20 with one project and the whole room looks like it’s been hit by a natural disaster… I’m super excited to share these photos with you. And I do plan to spend some time in here over the four day long weekend. Hip Hip Hooray!!! (Thanks Mom!)

My studio is in the basement but I still get beautiful light in the morning when the sun is shining…
I decided to put a round table in the center of the room to encourage friends to come and visit.
It’s so much better to create together with a round table.

This is my painting table. This is where the magic happens…

A collection of some of my fave paintings… (mine and peeps I love)

Another view…

My altar.

My inspiration wall.
It is constantly changing…
The drawers hold all of my various papers for my collage backgrounds.

Washed by the morning sun.

My little piece of heaven…
You know where you can find me this weekend.

  1. Karen

    Great space! The walls are what I consider the perfect shade of aqua!

  2. Your space is very beautiful, fresh and tidy! I love the way you have it organized, the colours you painted the walls, your inspiration wall, gathered finds and favourites and the table in the middle of the room. Thank you for sharing.

  3. liz

    i want to come over. like right now.
    hope you have so much fun and opening up in your studio this weekend.

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  5. Lindi

    Beautiful colors and light – especially for a basement! Inspiring to see it so organized! Have a creative weekend!

  6. Beth H

    Love this glimpse into your creative space and seeing where all the magic happens with you, the paints and papers!

  7. So beautiful Danielle. Everything looks so clean + organized…and so inviting. Happy creating:)

  8. Your space is beautiful and I love your rug!! :)

  9. Kristen

    That is one bright and airy space for a basement. Love the wall color and all the white furniture filled with books, paints, paintings and inspiration. So wonderful!

  10. Kristina Renee

    Such a lovely studio – thanks for sharing all the pics and info! Happy Arting!

  11. What a homey artsy spot! I love how bright it is – the white furniture and colored walls! So peaceful and inviting :) Thanks for giving us a peek!

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