Endings and Beginnings

I finished my manuscript!  Done.  Cue the freakin’ band!

finished manuscript.jpg

“The past grows inside of you. Will it be a tumor or a story that can be shared and spread across the sky?” Ann-Marie Macdonald

A story. A book. A memoir. A collection of 15 connected stories that illustrate everything my heart has been accumulating.  The unspeakable. THE TRUTH. steve and owen
Those who meet me today, might be shocked to learn how much darkness I was carrying, how much pain I was storing, how broken I was. It was agonizing for me to write this book, to go there and sit in it, again and again. It NEVER got easier.

Several times I reached out to other writers and asked them hard questions about writing true stories. I even asked the Universe for signs to stop writing this book, it was just too hard! But, all I ever got back were clear signs to keep on trucking, words of wisdom from other writers I couldn’t ignore and an irrefutable ache within my own heart that told me I just couldn’t give up.

I put it all on the page. I had to go inside and turn it all inside out. I had to carefully choose each and every word and tell THIS story. I have so much more to say about the actual writing of this book, about the process of writing (mama mia), about the content, but I really can’t right now…

Right now, I just want to let you all know that I did it. I finished my book. (This is where I’ve been for so long.) I went back inside the fire. I ran ten marathons. I climbed the tallest mountains. I put one word on the page after another, day after day after day. I finished it because I couldn’t live with the burden of not finishing it anymore. I made it to the other side.

I’m still catching my breath.

Love d xo

My Secret Garden

I have been taken hostage by my muse. Last Thursday afternoon, I could not resist the call to paint. It was SO strong that I finally had to give in, despite my original plan of writing through the day, once more. I have SO MUCH to tell you about the writing of my ‘big girl book, but for now, I have to share what happened to me during my 48-hour-creative-fever.

IMG_1621 It was this drawing that called me to my studio. She kept begging me to paint her as I typed on my keyboard upstairs. I finally surrendered and painted her. But I eventually abandoned her. I think she knew this would transpire… I think she knew only she could make me leave my writing. What happened next, was me just giving into it: the nudge, the desire to paint something TOTALLY different. NEW. Fresh. I trusted my intuition. I unwrapped a LARGE canvas and just started splashing colour on it. Bright, cheerful hues. And, in the end, I was left with this.


The following day, the power was out. My plans for working on my computer seemed mute. It was going to take a minimum of four hours before we had electricity again, according to the people. Sure, I could have worked a little on my story until my computer ran out of power, but I thought maybe this power outage  was a sign for me to finally unplug for a whole day and head down to my studio like I used to do before I began working full-time on my book. So, I did. While I was cold and not caffeinated, I continued to paint by candlelight. And paint. And, well, PAINT. I could not paint fast enough.


The result is a WHOLE NEW BODY OF WORK that I am calling My Secret Garden. Maybe it’s because this has been the LONGEST winter EVER with record snowfalls and cold temperatures and it feels like the snow will be here until June. Maybe it’s because I wish I had a green thumb and could grow tiny plants in my home, waiting for the grounds to thaw. Maybe it’s because my heart cannot go one more day seeing white or grey because I long to walk in the woods and feel the sun on my face, without freezing my nose or my toes.

IMG_1677 Like Spring, I am ready for a rebirth, a new beginning and a growth spurt of sorts. I’m learning to surrender to all those things that are taking so long, like the changes of the seasons. I am giving thanks to the gifts that Mother Nature is always giving me, no matter how much it may seem otherwise. Because, in my desperate want and hunger for Spring, I have created my very own garden.

IMG_1668 IMG_1679 IMG_1684

I hope you will love them as much as I do.
I hope they’ll help you believe that even the darkest days can can bring you the greatest hope.
These ORIGINAL PAINTINGS are now available in the SHOP!
love danielle xox

Finding Momo

I am SO EXCITED to share this NEW book with you!
Owen and I brought it with us to North Bay this week,
while we visited with Steve for a couple of days during the March Break.
We put our pyjamas on, jumped into bed and cracked the book open.
I don’t ever remember another book that made me CHEER out loud before.
It filled us both with so much JOY!
Every page was an experience.
Let me tell you why.

This is a photography book, but it is not like all the rest.
Every photo in this book has Momo, Andrew’s border collie and best buddy hiding in the photo.
We had SO MUCH FUN trying to find Momo!

Some photos made it more challenging than others.
I was particularly stumped on pages 62 and 63,
but Owen helped me find Momo.
But, on pages 79-80, we were BOTH unable to find him.
Thank goodness for the helpful answer-key at the back that helped us to finally locate him.
(these photos not shown here)

IMG_1560This is a book filled with color and design, place and story and of course Momo. The images are so beautiful and I admit that I was surprised to see that so many were taken in my hometown. Andrew’s artistic eye has transformed the way I view the place I live. He also has taken this photo expedition on the road by including photos from across the US. (New York, Vermont, New Jersey, Chicago, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts…) You might even see him in your hometown. Look for a bright yellow 1977 Volkswagen.

IMG_1562This is a book for the whole family, for people of all ages,
for dog-lovers and for those who appreciate really good photography.
If you want to witness a trust and bond between a dog and a man who travel the various landscapes together
in search of extraordinary ordinary moments then buy this book.
I guarantee it will make you happy.
You will smile. You will cheer.
You will fall in love with Momo AND this hide and seek photography book!
The world needs more books like this.

IMG_1561Congratulations Andrew Knapp!!!
(Please note, the photos I have shared on this post can be found in the book Find Momo.
I am not a photographer and these are my humble attempts to take photos of his photos.)
They are so much prettier in the book.

You can follow Andrew Knapp and Momo on Instagram here. Go and see where they are today.

This heartfelt book can be purchased here.


Owen gives this book TWO BIG THUMBS -UP!

(He also wants to keep it in his library)

Read more. Paint more. Write more.


Paper Dolls Deconstructed

I am back from the mountains of Santa Cruz… I spent the first two days by myself writing in my hotel room, stopping to take walks in the sunshine. On Thursday I headed to the top of a green mountain in Los Gatos where An Artful Journey 2014 began! It was a bit of a culture shock for me to be surrounded by so many beautiful people after working by myself for the last year, especially these last few months as winter has been so hard on us back home. But, it did not take me long to warm up to all of the kindness and smiling faces that had gathered for this very special retreat. It also did not take long for me to get used to THIS view outside our classroom… (GREEN and not dirty snow!)

Teaching with Mindy was already enough to fill me right up. I was not prepared for the overhaul my heart would experience with meeting and sharing three whole days with the women in our class. I really wasn’t sure how the paper dolls were going to transform in the end as I had never taught this class before . I’ll be honest, I was a little worried… But, the creative process that unfolded and evolved over the next 72 hours absolutely astounded me. Each one of their dolls was so unique and no matter what the example looked like, they made it very much their own. And as a teacher, this is the MOST rewarding feeling. I just can’t even tell you.





Bev, Heather, Sylvan




Jackie, Courtney, Char



dolls_collage 4.jpg

Annie, JenEve, Mindy

These dolls were created using the simplest of materials and the biggest of imaginations. Every one of their dolls had a story and I am so grateful to every one of you who shared that special story with me. The thing that has marked me the most is the joy I witnessed watching you all create these little dolls ; how you brought them to life, layer by layer and step by step! I will forever be grateful to those of you who trusted me and jumped in with whole-hearts. It was a total honour to spend these rainy days by your side.



Dear Jennifer, Courtney, Sylvan, Jackie, Jenni, Char, Catherine, Karen, Kylie, Annie, Bev, Lisa, Crystal, JenEve, Stephanie, Heather, Tracy, Nellie and Mindy, thank-you for the MOST wonderful artful journey together. I will cherish this time and your dolls always. Let’s all stay in touch.

Much LOVE,
danielle xox

*For those of you who have already been messaging me about a possible online doll class… It’s coming. Sooner than later. Sign-up here for the newsletter to be the first to find out when it will be available!

A Full Circle

Four years ago, I hopped on a plane and flew from Sudbury, Ontario CANADA to San, Jose CA, USA. I had just finished a teaching contract at a local College where I had taught EIGHT English classes in ONE SEMESTER. (Yup. I was that sucker.) There was a deep-seeded hunger within me that I couldn’t even name at the time. That is, until I came back from An Artful Journey.  On the top of that mossy hill, inside the walls at the Presentation Centre, something shifted inside me, something broke. The ceiling of possibilities that once hung above my head, shattered within days as I painted side by side with other creative women.

Presentation Centre

Another dimension opened up to me , a secret world where bold dreams were waiting for me to awaken. This place is where I learned to take my first steps towards a full-time creative life AS AN ARTIST. This is where I saw that it was possible. While there have been numerous steps forward (and backwards) since then, I know in my heart, NONE of them would have been possible if I had not gotten on that plane.

Presentation Centre3

Now, four years later, and I’m about to hop on a plane to San Jose once again. (tomorrow) But, this time, I’LL BE TEACHING! I am beyond excited for this truly memorable experience. I am also so grateful to Cindy Woods for organizing such a heartfelt retreat (second to none) and for believing in me and supporting this creative journey of mine. I am ridiculously excited to see old friends again and meet those I have only known and cared about through facebook, and others that I have yet to meet and love.

Presentation Centre2

The friends I met in 2010 have supported me all along this creative journey; especially Mindy Lacefield. We first met at the airport, shared a cab to the retreat and then sat side by side for three days painting (we ended up being in the same class.) That girl from Little Rock Arkansas stole my heart. While we have traveled many times  to meet somewhere (even France) to take more art classes together. And, we have also taught at the same retreat. This time we’ll be teaching alongside each other for three whole days in the same place we met four years ago. I can only hope friendships like ours will be repeated and more ceilings will be smashed, because if I know one thing, An Artful Journey CHANGES LIVES. This is where it all started for me. I hope to pass on the torch soon. And I am most grateful for this incredible full-circle.