Welcome to
Art Retreats!
SEPTEMBER  19th – 22nd 2013

Join me for an unforgettable experience of creativity and community
in the beautiful countryside of Northern Ontario, Canada.

Attending art retreats has changed my life. So much so, I want to create this experience for YOU!  This is a small and intimate gathering in the country; a return to a more peaceful and simple time. Leave your fancy shoes at home and come surround yourself with nature again, or maybe for the very first time. This retreat is for those who are interested in connecting with their inner selves through writing, painting and sharing. It will be a nurturing experience that will fill heart, mind, body and spirit.

Nestled on 8 acres of land and water lies a little gem called Piebird. With ornately embossed tin walls and ceilings throughout, Piebird exudes a delightful mix of rustic elegance and nostalgic adoration. As it did 100 years ago, this landmark home sits amidst farmland and forest, nestled between branches of the South River and Beatty Creek. Every meal is a special occasion served either in the tea room or on the wraparound veranda. They offer an all vegetarian experience created with homegrown, local and organic produce and served with love. It is located in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. (More details about Piebird  here and details on how to get to Piebird here) An approximate 30 minute car ride/taxi from the airport will bring you to Piebird.

We will have access to both the main house and the cottage for this retreat. Two spots are available in the main house and two spots are available in the cottage.  (ONLY ONE SPOT LEFT) I am also offering four off-campus spots  for those who would like to find their own lodging and transportation to Piebird. In total, this retreat will max out at 8 participants. (plus myself) It will be a safe and intimate environment for all.

pie bird bed & breakfast

I plan to take you on an intuitive journey where you will explore your truth through writing and painting.  We will excavate our stories and create art journals filled with meaningful content using mixed media techniques, writing exercises and more. I will teach you how I paint my faces along with many other of my favorite painting exercises. Watercolor journals will be filled with paper, inks, paints, crayons, markers, pencils and your stories.

We will break in the afternoons to take photo walks and breathe in the fresh Fall air. Bike rides will also be encouraged. Supply list coming soon. (Please note art supplies will not be provided.) This workshop is designed for ALL levels. The focus will be on process. Beginners are most welcome as are professional and seasoned artists.




North Star Art Retreat includes:
A four-day and three-night creative experience that just might change your life forever.
Daily gatherings to paint, write, take photos and share.
An opportunity to try a healthy vegetarian and vegan diet (homegrown, local and organic)
A place for you to breathe and be present surrounded by nature.
Opportunities to explore meditation, rituals and spirit.
A safe and supportive community of women to create space for your story.
An opportunity to experience healing through creativity.
A group of goats and other animals who are there just to add joy to your life, (not to eat.)

Food: Vegetarian and vegan diet (homegrown, local and organic)

Here is an example of dinner menu possibilities…

Sunflower seed pate with crackers, carrots and cucumbers

Main course ideas:

Heirloom red beets and carrots
Baked squash
Mashed potatoes
Veggie pie made with spelt fillo pastry, layers of roasted root veggies and greens and portobello mushrooms
Zucchini pasta with fresh tomatoes and cashew cheese
Millet and brown rice salad (with fresh mint, cilantro and parsley and our lemon maple dressing, served cold. Like a tabbouleh but better!)
Fresh mixed Greens salad– oak leaf lettuce, sorrel, romaine, kale etc) with raspberry basil dressing or cucumber dill dressing    

Dessert ideas:
baklava with organic wheat fillo
maple flax cookies
apple strudel
carrot cake
pear & apple pie

Your tuition includes:
Three nights of lodging
All meals: these are vegetarian and/or vegan (This is new for me too.)
Snacks, coffee, tea, and water at your convenience. (There will be an abundance.)
Two days of art and writing planned with heart and intention.
Evening activities: opening and closing activities, plus an evening to sell your artwork.
Goodie bags and other surprises.
Nights by the fire sipping your favorite beverage.
Sauna (bring your bathing suit if this interests you)

Schedule of Events:

3-5pm Check-in
6-7pm Welcome dinner
7-9pm Opening Ceremony

8-9 Breakfast
9-12pm Workshop PART 1
12-1pm Lunch
1-4pm Workshop PART 2
4-6pm Free-time to spend as you wish.
(photo walks, bike rides, group meditation, napping, reading…)
6-7pm Dinner
7-9pm Art Sale/Share

8-9  Breakfast
9-12pm Workshop PART 3
12-1pm Lunch
1-4pm Workshop PART 4
4-6pm Free-time to spend as you wish.
(photo walks, bike rides, group meditation, napping, reading…)
6-7pm Dinner
7-9pm Closing Ceremonies. A night by the fire under the stars with wine to celebrate.

8-9am Breakfast
11am  Checkout
This retreat is not for everyone, but maybe it is just right for YOU!
There are only 8 spots available in all! (+ me)
The all-inclusive cost for this experience is 750$
(transportation/flight to the retreat is not included)
Off-campus spots which includes lunch is 500$.
This includes both days of workshops, lunch and evening activities.
(Breakfast, dinner and lodging is NOT included. Dinner can be paid for separately.)
A deposit of 250$ (in Canadian dollars) is required to save either an on or off-campus spot.
You can also pay the full balance at once. This can be paid through PayPal.
***Please send the deposit and balance to: ddaniel@vianet.ca***
***The rest of the balance is due by or on July 31st.***

This retreat is NOT for you if:
You are allergic to cats or other animals. (sorry)
You dislike vegetables.
You don’t like to laugh or have fun.
You need to pack a pair of heels.
You don’t like art, nature or animals.

*Please let me know when you send your deposit WHICH house you PREFER and if you want to bunk with your bestie. (Please note, her deposit must be paid as well.) or simply write surprise me and I will choose for you.

A.  The Main House (Piebird)
It will be more quiet and separate from the art and evening activities. All meals will be eaten in the main house. There is no shower in the main house, only an old-fashion claw-foot tub. (I told you it was a return to a more simpler time…when everything was a ritual …) There are 2 spots available in this house. All rooms are upstairs. Two women (+ me) will be sharing one bathroom.

B.  The Cottage ( Birdhouse Cottage)
The cottage is best suited for the night owls and those who like to art late into the night. There is a bath and shower head in the cottage. There are 2 spots available in this house. Two women will be sharing one bathroom. The rooster may wake you up in the morning too 😉

C.  Off-Campus
Off campus peeps seeking lodging can book a hotel in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. (or maybe you live in the area)
Please note, transportation is your responsibility.

Every effort will be made to accommodate you, but please know, absolutely no spots or preferences can be held for you without payment.  Thank-you for your understanding.
Please note: any cancellations made after August 1st will result in the loss of the deposit fee.
the deposit can be transferred to another attendee if you find someone to take your place.

I am putting my whole heart into this experience and I CANNOT WAIT to share
this AMAZING adventure with YOU!

A PRIVATE facebook group for this event is in the works called North Star Art Retreats.
This can aid in car sharing and other planning along with counting down together for this very special experience!


***Please send the deposit and/or full balance to: ddaniel@vianet.ca***
You will receive confirmation of your registration by 9pm tonight.
I will also contact all participants within one week of payment with a welcome e-mail and more info.

This is HOW to pay: (in case you need extra help)

-Login to Paypal. www.paypal.com
-Click on Send Money
-To Email: ddaniel@vianet.ca
-Amount: 250$ CAD (Canadian)
I’m paying for goods or services
Message: Tell me which house you prefer in the message box: A, B or C
-Review your payment and send
-PRESTO! You have now paid your your deposit!

North Star Art Retreats
creativity * simplicity * community
I hope to see you there!!!
Please contact me if you have any questions.
Love, Danielle
(all Piebird photos belong to Piebird. Thank-you)