Hello and welcome!

Most FAQ:

1.  Are you available for illustration work?
Not at this time. I’m taking a break from illustrating until I complete my two novels in progress. I have two loves and right now I am honouring my writing.

2. Can we hire you to paint a mural?
I’m not a muralist. It was actually a one-time experience, a visual love letter to my hometown. Thank you kindly for considering my work.

3.  Are you available to visit our school in person or via SKYPE for an author/illustrator presentation?
I'm unable to commit to school visits this year. I will happily resume school visits, fall of 2019, with my ukulele in hand. I'll list the new schedule once I'm available again. Thank you so much for your patience and support. 

If your question wasn’t answered in the FAQ, please get in touch here. (Please don’t send messages through IG or Facebook. Only messages sent here will be answered. Thank you!)

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